Friday, January 13, 2012

Stay Home Moms

Growing up I always wanted to be a stay home mom.  In Kindergarten on Career Day I dressed as a stay home mom and told my teacher that I wanted to be a stay home mom, so I could drive carpool.  (Wow, I was cute!)  I even went to college to get my MRS, but instead I got my teaching certificate.  Since graduation, I have been a pre-school teacher, flight attendant, pre-k teacher, 4th grade teacher, 3rd grade teacher, and a kindergarten teacher.  (I do really love teaching.)  I have also gotten married and been married for 9 years, and have a 7 year-old daughter.  Wow, I have accomplished quite a bit.  I now get to live out my dream of being a stay home mom.

My idea of a stay home mom is June Cleaver.  I would be dressed nice all day, the house would be clean, and I would have a big home cooked meal on the table when Brad (my husband) got home from work.  Everything would be organized and its place.  In this dream I am the perfect wife, and everything would be so easy.  Wow, was I wrong!  Instead, I spend my days in pajamas (to help with the laundry load, and because why get dressed if I am not leaving the house), and I definitely do not put makeup on unless I am leaving the house.  I did not realize that cleaning the house and keeping it clean is impossible (well I did have a house cleaner while I was working).  The one thing that I have done is cook a nice dinner most nights (I really love to cook), but it is not easy and I am definitely not the perfect wife.  Was there ever a time when stay home moms were like June Cleaver, or was it just all TV?


  1. I can't imagine ever meeting those expectations for a stay at home mom. There's so much more involved than how it appears on TV. I worked for years as an executive assistant for an apartment management company then decided to go back to school and get my degree. I found out the month I graduated I was pregnant with my first. I feel very fortunate that I can stay at home with our kiddos. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for almost 7 years now.
    You have to do what’s right for you. I think it’s nice when your spouse and kids help with household’s tasks. I do what I can during the day (with an 8 month old now it’s a little more tricky to get what I use to done). Just don’t allow guilt to take over, with mom’s especially, it’s easy to let the guilt latch on to us like velcro. Worried about,” Oh, I didn’t get this done, or that didn’t get done – I’ll do it tomorrow and then tommow comes and you have another days stuff to get done or things come up PLUS stuff from the prior day that has yet to get done.” It could go on and on. Some days I’m lucky to get a shower let alone the dishes, laundry, mopping, dusting, vacuuming etc.
    You do the best you can – One day at-a-time and the junk that doesn’t get done realize it’s ok – You’re not June Cleaver, she was a made up TV mom, an unattainable ideal. We can be our own worst enemy by allowing that “Guilt” to take over. You are YOU God made YOU exactly how he wanted you to be and your hubby and kids love YOU just the way you are!!

  2. AR, thank you so much for your motivation. I know that on some level my June Cleaver model of a stay home mom is not reality. I have really enjoyed staying home. I also know that my family has enjoyed me being home. My husband is always commenting on how clean and organized the house is and my daughter really likes that I can drop her off at school, and work with her at home. They both enjoy the hot cooked breakfasts, and dinners. I am blessed to be able to spend more time with them and get to experience being a stay home mom.