Monday, January 16, 2012


Alright, I have never learned how to sew.  Well that might not be exactly true.  My mother, June Cleaver herself, tried to teach me to sew when I was a teenager.  Unfortunately, she gave up on me and I did not learn how to sew.  The problem was that I have, and if you have ridden with me in the car you know this to be true, a pedal to the metal problem.  I think that I am a race car driver and have probably help pay for some great renovations at different police department.  When learning how to sew I thought that faster was better and my mom probably had all that she could take and gave up.  Now that I am a stay home mom, I think that I need to learn how to sew.  Don’t all stay home moms know how to sew??  I have also been introduced to Pinterest.  I really don’t think that I need to add anymore to that statement.  So, I bought myself a sewing machine. I researched and researched sewing machines, and found the brother CS600i
to be good for the money and learning sewing machine.  I ordered it at Target and got to use $90 worth of gift certificates that I had been saving.  Yeh!  It came in the mail today!

Well, I also need to learn how to sew.  So, I searched for sewing classes in my area, and was not able to find any (I live out in the country).  I did find several on line that seemed really expensive and only had two to three projects.  Then I found HomeEC on Pinterest

It had lots of great review and you complete 27 projects for around the same price or cheaper than the other ones.  So I am now enrolled in HomeEc and will begin my sewing education class tomorrow.  Just a little side note, I went to Catholic School and they did not offer Home Economics, so I did not learn in high school like normal people.  Apparently good Catholic girls were not expected to cook, clean, or sew.  My first project is to make a reusable gift bag.  I let my Emma, my daughter, pick out the fabric.  I will take a picture of my version of a reusable gift bag look like tomorrow.  Here is what the reusable gift bag is supposed to look like.  
Mine will probably look different.  Now looking at the picture, I realize that I was supposed to buy coordinating fabric for the strip on the top.  I did not do that.  Oh, well.

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