Monday, July 30, 2012

Losing it Day 33

Weight 171 (yep, I am up!)

I did weigh myself on Thursday before our family camping trip to Jelly Stone Park and I was 167, but since I failed to post it, I am stuck with today's weight.  I am sure that you noticed I had a good time, and I ate all that I want.  I am going to have to work hard this week to take off those added pounds and get back into shape.  Yuck!  I hope that those of you out there that are trying to eat and live better are doing better than me.

For the Love of the Crock Pot

Okay, so I love my Crock Pot.  Nothing is easier than putting a few ingredients together in the morning and by dinner time you have a whole meal ready.   

I found a website on Pinterest where you can find 5 crock pot meals that are doubled at a time with the shopping list.  Wow!  Nothing could be easier, right?  The website name is Six Cents at  Aimee talks about how much money and time you spend when you go ahead and make double recopies at the same time.  So, today I made 3 of her recipes and doubled them, so now I have 6 Freezer Crock Pot meals in my freezer (well, on 5 because I am cooking one now).  It only took me about 30 minutes to prepare the six meals.   I did not try the Curry Chicken because curry is a “Hard Limit” at my house.  I did buy all the ingredients for the Pepper Steak, but had to put the meat in the freezer before I had time to prepare it.  No problem because I will just make the double batch and freeze half of it after cooking so I just have to reheat it.  I will update how the meals taste as we eat them.  I personally am excited to have several meals done in so little time!  Check out Aimee’s website to see more meals!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Losing It - Day 16

Weight: 168 :)
Wow!  Finally back on the losing trend.  Hopefully I can keep it up over the weekend.  Weekends are hard because we live in a great neighborhood where we all like to get together and eat and drink.  All the bad things when you are dieting!  I just have to tell myself that I can be strong!  Yeh, right!  We all know how hard it is for me to stay on the wagon.  Wish me luck!
On another front, I am now running and walking! 
Happy Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crock-Pot Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the hunt for an easy crock-pot recipe.  I especially like the ones that are also somewhat healthy.  I found the crock-pot buffalo chicken lettuce wrap recipe on Pinterest and thought that it looked pretty good and I should give it a try.  Wow!  This one was a crowd pleaser!  Different that some of my usual’s this recipe was and very tasty.  If you like buffalo chicken then this is a good recipe for you.  I hope that you enjoy!
Check out the website for more great recipes! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Losing it – Day 12

I am bummed, because I am still 2 pounds up.  I had a good start to the 4th holiday but I still gave in and enjoyed all the good food.  It might have helped if I had worked out, but I was not feeling good on top of eating what I wanted, when I wanted.  Needless to say I am going to have to really try hard this week.  I really hope that by the end of this week I have some good news!