Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sewing Project 2 and 3

Yesterday I made napkins.  I was really excited about the napkins because we currently do not have napkins.  I even bought really cute fabric that would coordinate with my colors and style.  I also thought that napkins would be easy.  Wow, I was wrong!  I did not have a rotary cutter and was still struggling with cutting and sewing on straight lines.  Apparently cutting on straight lines is important when making napkins.  I now have a rotary cutter.  There also was an error in calculating the amount of fabric that I needed. (Did I mention that I tought Kindergarten?  Well, I can do "Kindergarten" math.)  So, for the single layer napkins, I just make them smaller, and the double layer napkins I only made one.  Both napkins were hard, but the double layer napkins with the rick rack were unbelievable hard.  I literally worked on that one all day yesterday, and it is still not done correct. 

My Napkins
I think that there might have been some pinning errors on that one also.  I learned that I still have a lot to learn.  I think that I am going to practice some more before completing more of the double layer napkins.  I made a market bag, project three, yesterday.  To save money, I used an old sheet.  It is not the cutest bag, but I am getting better at straight line and piecing things together.
My Market Bag
Today I am working on bunting and appliquéing.   I am excited about this because I am making a shirt for Emma and would like to appliqué her name on it.  We will see.
The Class Bunting Project

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