Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sewing Project 9

A bib for Kindall
The purpose of this project was to make a quilted bib using different fabrics and piecing them together.  I used the fabric from one of Emma old baby shirts for the front and an old sheet for the back.  The cute baby shirt of Emma’s had different ruffles of fabric, and I thought it would make a cute bib, so I took apart the shirt and pieced the different fabrics together.   To me the bib look a little plain when I finished, so my 16 year-old told me to add a big K in the middle.  I found a cute font on a free font website and printed the K in the size that I wanted so that I could make a template to cute the fabric and hearts with.  The bib is going to my only niece.  I think that it turned out pretty good.  Hopefully my niece and sister-in-law like it.

I just love these differnt fabrics together.

Tomorrow I should be able to reveal Emma’s “Fancy 100 Day Shirt”.

Sneak Peek!

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