Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sewing Project 7

 You are probably wondering what happened to project 6.  If you are, I had to skip the project because I am waiting for the really cute fabric to come in that I ordered.  The fabric is Damsel In Distress.  Can you guess what I am going to make with it?
Michael Miller Novelty Dear Damsel Ivory
I can't wait for this fabric to get here and get started on my project.

Project 7 is a pot holder.  Have you seen one of these lately??

I just love this hen fabric!
It has been a long time since I have used a pot holder or bought one.  I usually just use hand to elbow oven mitts (I have a tendency to burn myself) and a trivet, and still I can manage to burn myself.  Did you know that those orange things in the oven and the Ioven racks get really hot?  The objective of this sewing lesson was to learn how to use padding while sewing and quilting, and it is a good thing that I am going to have more projects with these objectives, because I need practice.  Lots and lots of practice!

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  1. Brandi, I love all of your projects! It's so fun to see that you are enjoying your time.:)