Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Emma’s Valentine’s Day Party

Emma using her Chopsticks

Yesterday I got the privilege of helping at Emma’s Valentine’s Day Party.  Being a teacher and working full time I have never gotten to help out or attend any of Emma’s Valentine’s Parties or really any of Emma’s school or pre-school events because I always had events of my own and wouldn’t you know they usually occurred at the same time.  I know that you are really feeling sorry for me now.  I am feeling a little sorry for myself also.
Emma’s first grade teacher planned a “Fancy Lunch” for the kids.  She had reserved the Science Lab (we decorated it), and had the cafeteria put the kids lunch orders in the serving containers so that we could plate the kids orders on fancy plates and serve them.  She also brought heart cookie cutters so that we could use them to make the food look fancy.  For the kids that brought their lunches she used her cookie cutters and plated the food so that it even looked fancy.  The kids really loved it.  She even made a fancy dessert that looked like sushi, but was really a strawberry shortcake roll.  The kids got to use chopsticks, which was great.  They are first graders so I have pictures of them stabbing their food with the chopsticks and even using them as swards to play fight with friends.  Overall it was a great experience and made me appreciate the fact that I get to see and be a part of fun events like this great “Valentine’s Fancy Lunch.”
If any of you got to help out or attend your child’s Valentine’s Day Party I would really like to hear about it.  Please share by responding to this post.


  1. Hi Brandi - what a treat for you to be able to go this. I'm sure Emma was thrilled to have you there. I saw her in the hallway and she looked adorable too.

    Bergen had a blast at the Valentine's Ball. I will try to send the video of her dancing with Riggs, her assigned dance partner. I've never seen kids look so uncomfortable! It was hysterical!

    Welcome to the world of kids' class parties!! You are going to be the PTA President before you know it!!

  2. I saw Bergen also. She looked so cute in her fancy dress. I can't wait to see video of the "Valentine's Ball". I bet that was great.

    I love class parties now that I am on the other side. It is great!