Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today is my husband’s birthday.  I am not sure about all husbands, but I do know that birthdays are a really big deal to my husband.  He claims that he gets a whole month for his birthday, and all month long uses the excuse that it is his "birthday month" to get out of anything (well, actually, he will use any excuse to get out if stuff all year long).  The rest of us are good to get a birthday day or maybe a birthday week, if we are real lucky. In fact, this year I had to buy my own birthday cake, which is a little depressing.  I love my husband, but when it comes to birthdays he is an “all about me guy”.
This is the first year where we did not hear all about “my birthday month”.  We did not even hear about a week or a day.  The activities that we planned were even very low keyed.  This is very unlike my husband.  I started to worry, but then I realized that he is getting closer to “40” and not as excited about drawing attention to himself, or at least I hope that is what is going on...
I do think that we had a great relaxing weekend.  In fact, I think that this weekend was one of my favorites.  If you are reading this Brad, I love you and, had a great weekend with you; Happy Birthday!

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