Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Aprons

Meg Apron

 The last couple of weeks I have been busy.  Doing what, I am not sure.  I guess that life has just gotten in the way of sewing and blogging.  I have finished two aprons; one was a mother, daughter, American Girl Doll apron, and one for a good friend.

Cute flap at the top of the apron.
The first apron was the “Meg Apron”, named after my daughter’s doll.  I made this apron for Valentines and it was a mother, daughter, and doll matching aprons.  I am not sure who was more excited, Meg (the doll), or my daughter.  This was my very first item to make using a store bought pattern.  Wow!  It took me three days for me to figure out the first step of the pattern, and I am not kidding.  I had to call Simplicity (the pattern maker) to get help.  By the way they called me right back and helped me out tremendously.  My mother also helped me out. 

I use my pockets to hold the phone when I am cooking.

I started with mine so that I could work out some of the kinks and ended with Meg’s.  I think that they turned out cute and now when “we” cook, we all look alike.  By the way, I finished the aprons about 2 hours after my daughter got home from school on Valentines Day.  I am still really, really slow.

Lucy Apron

The second apron that I made was the “Lucy Apron”, named after Lucile Ball.  It is a flirty and fun apron that was a birthday gift for a really good friend of mine who is flirty and fun.  This was another apron from a store bought pattern, but for the most it was not that complicated.  It was not lined and I really like my aprons lined, so the hard part was figuring out how to line it.  I think that when I lined it things did not really match up the way that they were supposed to, so there was some refiguring the pattern to get things to line up the way that they need to look correct.  It also seemed really big, so after completing it, I had to do some alterations.  So again, my seam ripper and I got to spend a lot of time together. 

I love Rick Rack!

 I just love the fabric on this one, and the flirty little ruffle on the bottom.  I am a big rick rack girl so I added rick rack and a pocket to the pattern.  At the moment I think that this one is my favorite.

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