Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine’s Day Shirt

Today I decided it was about time to start Emma’s Valentine’s Day shirt (nothing like waiting until the last minute).  On Pinetrerst, I had seen a really cute Valentine’s Day dress with a heart cut out and reverse appliqué heart to replace it.  It had cute ruffles, and I knew that I needed to try that.  Now, I am very new to sewing and did not realize how hard it is to cut a heart out of a t-shirt and to sew on a new heart under the t-shirt.  I think that this project was a little above my level, but I had already started, so onward I went. 
It is not purfect, but I still think that it is cute.

The first thing that I did was cut a heart out of the shirt (much harder than you think).  I then made a template of a heart out paper that was about a half an inch bigger than the cut out t-shirt heart.  I used that template to cut another heart out of cotton fabric.  Then I cut 2” strips of fabric and ruffled them (this is the fun part) and sewed them on the fabric heart.  After the fabric heart was full, I placed it under the hole shaped like a heart on the t-shirt, and sewed it on or under (???) the t-shirt (this was the frustrating part).  The good news was that after the frustrating part you are done and have forgotten the frustration.  How could you not?  Look at the cute shirt that you just created.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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