Friday, February 17, 2012

Working out???

Working out is not one of my favorite things to do.  In fact I can come up with many excuses to get out of working out. 
In high school, working out was not such a big deal.  I ran track and was a cheerleader, so there was really no need to work out, it was build-in to my daily schedule.  In college, I went to the rec, rec-center, to work out so that I could meet boys (that is motivation for ya).  After graduation I was a flight attendant, and there was not much else I could afford to do on layovers, so working out for free was a pretty good idea.  It was not until I met Brad that I struggled with working out.  All of a sudden I had better options for my time, but I still wanted to work out and stay in shape.  Brad even bought me a lifetime plan to 24hr. Fitness, because I promised him that I would work out FOREVER.  Eleven years and 40 pounds later here I am.  Things did not go as planned, and now that Emma is 7, it is heard to pass off my weight as Baby Weight.
I am going to tell you that I have probably tried it ALL.  In fact I lost over 20 pounds on Weight Watcher once, and then summer came, and I put it all back on.
I am sure you already know that I am addicted to Pinterest (one of the reasons that I do not have time to work out).  Yesterday, I found a new workout plan that states I could lose a dress size and up to 12 pounds in 2 weeks.  Most of these are impossible workouts that I could not even keep up for one week, but this one is pretty much a 45 minute workout.  So I am trying it.  I am currently on Day 2.  I know that you are laughing, but this time I am really going to stick with it.  Here is the website where you can find the workout if you are interested .  I will keep you informed on my progress.  Whish me luck, and let me know if you are trying it, and your progress.

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