Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three Night and Three Different Meals with Grilled Chicken Breasts

On Tuesday I decided to grill 4 large chicken breasts that we were going to eat on for most of the week.  I always marinate my chicken breasts in either Kraft’s Sun Dried Tomato and Vinaigrette or Kraft’s Zesty Italian Dressings.  Normally I put the chicken breasts in a gallon Ziploc and marinate them for a couple of hours, but I forgot about dinner until about 5:00 and we usually eat around 6:00 or 6:30.  So, on Tuesday I simply put the chicken in a bowl and poured Kraft’s Sun Dried Tomato (I had more of it) on top to marinate while I was heating up the grill.  I usually grill the chicken because Brad likes to OVER cook the chicken, and he was not home yet.  Tuesday night was an easy meal.  All I did was warm up Missions Blue Corn and Flaxseed Tortillas (they are awesome), cut up a tomato, and avocado.  I had some leftover chicken, bean and corn stuff that we also put on top of our burrito.  You could easily use a can a black beans and corn to add some umph.  We only used 1 and a half chicken breasts and put the rest in the refrigerator for Wednesday.
Wednesday night was the special night, church night.  I made the Pioneer Woman’s Pizza Crust and pretty much used her Potato-Leek Pizza.  (If you have not heard of the Pioneer Woman, you really need to check out her website.)  I did make some substitutions because I not only do not have leeks, I do not know what they are.  (Hey, I spent most of my life working and not cooking.  That is probably apparent to you now.)  Instead of leeks I used 1 of my grilled chicken breasts and shredded it.  I also used turkey bacon instead of real bacon.  (We are supposed to be on a diet.)  I felt that my pizza lacked color, so I cut up two green onions to go on top.  I know that you working moms do not have enough time during the week to make pizza dough, but I used to make mine on the weekend and freeze it.  The recipe makes enough for two or three pizzas depending on how thin you like your crusts, and it is only 4 ingredients.
I know what you are thinking... 

Tonight I am planning on another easy meal.  I am going to slice the last chicken breast up, cook some more turkey bacon, slice up another tomato and avocado and make tasted sandwiches.  Sounds pretty good!  There you have it, three nights and three meals on grilled chicken breasts.  We are a family of 3, so if you have more you might want to grill more chicken breasts on the first night. Just saying...

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