Monday, February 6, 2012

My First Apron

I have always loved aprons. 
Does it look like I live in a wooden cave?
 As you can see I might have a slight problem.    I have aprons that were my great-grandmothers, some were gifts,  and of course I have aprons for holidays.  One of the main reasons that I wanted to learn to sew is to be able to make my own aprons, and make cute shirts for Emma.  This weekend I decided to abandon my sewing class for a short while and try to make an apron.  I was having a hard time coming up with Valentine gift for Emma’s teacher, and I really have been wanting to make an apron, so I decided that was what I was going to do, make an apron for Emma’s teacher.  At first I just was going to make a Valentine half ruffle apron for Emma’s teacher (keeping it easy) using this pattern on “One More Moore”. The first problem was that our fabric store did not have a very good selection of Valentine’s fabric, and the second problem was that I really like full aprons.  I looked on line to find a full ruffle apron with a wrap bib and could not find one, but I found a wrap bib apron tutorial on “Sewing in No Mans Land”, and decided to combine the two.  I am not sure why I thought that it needed to have a wrap front, but for some reason in my mind it did.  I combined the two patterns and added a thicker waist and here it is, my first apron. What do you think?  I really like the fabric.

 I only took three days and many hours with my new seam ripper (that I love) to create.  I am thinking that for my next apron, I am going to use an actual pattern.

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