Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spoons & Flops

After reading The Spoon Theory and The Flip Flop Theory, I have decided to keep a diary for say about the positive things in my life.  Some may seem mundane, but this is my life.  Through this project I hope to start seeing the good in my life and stop focusing on the stresses of being a mom, and wife with an auto-immune disease.

Today was a good day!  I may have slept in a little, but I was able to finish all the laundry, probably about 6 loads along with the folding.  I will admit that the clothes are still folded nicely in their baskets, but they are all clean.  Sometimes they stay folded in the baskets until the baskets are almost empty, but they are folded!!  And did I mention that they are clean???  I also sent out the roomba to clean the floors.  We have three big dogs and one cat, so our stained concrete floors and wood floors often have hair balls rolling like tumble weeds through the desert.  I love my hard surface floors, because I know that when they are clean they are clean.  They are also very low maintenance and when you have three dogs and a cat in the country, you need low maintenance!

The best part about today was that I got to create some new designs and make some new embroidered and appliqued dish towels.  I enjoy having the time and energy to create new designs.

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