Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bieber Fever Anyone?

I just finished making three “Bieber Fever” shirts.  A friend of mine asked me to make one for her daughter, and of course my daughter had to have one and so did our neighbor.  I am really impressed about how they turned out.
My friend had sent me a picture of a “Bieber Fever” shirt that she liked and I pretty much used it as a pattern.  I really liked the purples and pinks with a splash of blue.  I chose the “Cheri” font (all of my fonts are free, and I find them on the internet) because I think that it looks funky and fun. 

I started by printing out “Bieber Fever” in the “Cheri” font in the size that I thought would look good. I then cut out all the letters in the different fabrics.   I like to place everything on the shirt and take a picture with my phone so that I have a reference.  I then spay a fabric adhesive on one letter at a time and sew them on.  I used the zig zag stitch to applique the letters on the shirt.  I chose a purple thread because it is Justin Bieber’s color.  After completing the shirt I added some bling and made a matching bow.  Every girl needs a matching bow!  I think that they turned out great, and am willing to make more if anyone is interested.
My model it the cutest, right! 


  1. Love her little outfit- too cute!!!:)

  2. Thanks! We kinda think she is cute also.