Monday, March 19, 2012

Spa Towel

Spa Wrap

I have wanted a spa wrap for a while and when my daughter found her big sisters spa wrap I thought that I would try and make one.  I actually made this one for a Girls Game Night prize, and thought I that I would try to win it for myself.  (My theory about prizes is to bring something that I want and then try to win it for myself.)  Well I did not win it for myself and now I will have to make another one.   So sad for me…

Just pin and cut!

I know that you are going to think that I am crazy, but to start out, you need a towel that will wrap comfortable around you, in other words you have to try on towels at the store.  Or, at least that is what I did.  I found the towel that I used at Wal-Mart.  It was big enough and very fluffy.  Just what I am looking for in a towel, and for about $9.00, I thought it was a good deal.

Now you will need to pick some cuties to decorate the towel with.  My Girls Game Night had a green theme, so I got some big green rick-rack (I just love rick-rack), green ribbon, and green fabric.  You will also need elastic and Velcro.
I used a cute stitch, just for fun.

I started by picking out what I wanted to put on the towel, and since I did not know who was getting the towel, I tried to come up with an uplifting word.  I picked the word “shine”.  I picked a font and size and printed it out to be used as a pattern.  After I cut out the letters in my fabric, I placed the letters on the towel and used the zigzag stitch to attach it to the towel.  I then used the rick-rack and ribbon to dress up the towel.  I used elastic on the back of the towel to help hold the towel in place, and some Velcro on the front to keep it in place.
Velcro on the front to hold the towel up.

I think that towel turned out cute and now I just need to make one for myself.

Elastic!  Every girl needs elastic!

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